The existing favorable condition for investment such as the availability of different infrastructures (power supply, water supply service, road network and other facilities); suitability of physical natural resource of the city and government policy and strategy that encourage the intervention of private sectors in different investment activities created opportunity for the development of investment in the city. The existing data suggests that 175 local and 40 foreign operational, 134 local and 9 foreign ongoing or under construction investment projects are currently available in the city. In addition to these 101 local and 9 foreign non operational investment projects are also existed in the city.

From the above table one can conclude that 215 operational projects with a total investment capital of 4,025,728,924.3ETB on different sectors of interventions are existed in the city. By these operational investment projects 25,296(17,635 permanent and 7661 temporary) employment opportunity was created for unemployed people.

From the total operational investment projects available in the city, the manufacturing industry is the dominant investment project in terms of capital investment and creating job opportunity. This justifies that the manufacturing sector is the fastest growing sector that insure policy and strategy of the countries that stated as transformation of the economy from primary sector/agriculture to industrial development.

The ongoing/under construction investment projects also intervene in different seven sectors with a working capital of 1,801,659,221 ETB are currently got land from the city administration and expected to be implemented in the near future. In these ongoing projects, 13,494 people have got job opportunity permanently and temporarily. From the total investment activities 48 % is manufacturing, which has a Lion share in transformation of the country’s economy from agriculture to industry.

Few Sample Private Investment