• Green Infrastructure

Bishoftu city has great potential for the development of green infrastructure because of the existence of agro ecological zone of climatic condition and the private sector participation on planting trees and raising flowers on the side of main roads of the city for commercial purpose. The current priority options given for green infrastructure financing from different funding agents such as World Bank and other potential financers is also contributed for the development of green infrastructure in the city.

The existing data obtained from the Municipality Urban greening department reveals that 795,463m2 area of land is developed by green infrastructure at the main road in different 13 sites sides. In addition to this, four parks are also developed by green infrastructure at different part of the city. The information obtained from the department also indicates that they are working with land management office and municipality to solve the problems related to green infrastructure.

Green Bishoftu Green Bishoftu

  • Streen Light Expansion

Street Light

The city administration gave attention as a priority area and undertaking as the city project starting from 2005 E.C. So the extension of Modern Street light /underground installation is currently undertaken in different part of the city on the main roads and on sub arterial roads of the city. The existing data shows that currently 53 km of well-functioning streetlight is currently giving service on the streets of the city.

The city has also developed a more greener approach in the process of street electrification. The city street lights partially are currently solar street lights hence it is going towards more greener Bishoftu.

Solar Street Lights