URBAN AGRICULTURE: The city climatic condition; soil type and the existing conducive working environment are the main factors that promote the expansion and the contribution of urban agriculture in urban economy. Bishoftu city has favorable climatic condition and agro-ecological soil type for the development of the sector as the urban economic activity. Because of these facts, urban agriculture is widely practiced in the city as the main occupational activity for many dwellers and even by different organizations as investment intervention.

Bishoftu-Model of Urban Agriculture

Production of edible vegetables, fruits and nursery of flowers for commercial purpose as well as animal husbandry for different purposes are currently practiced in the city in the form of micro and small-scale enterprises, individuals and by different organizations as huge investment. Different urban agriculture widely practiced in Bishoftu city includes horticulture, production of vegetables, animal husbandry, dairy farm, poultry, pig husbandry, cattle fattening, gardening and other related activities. In relation to the availability of the above urban agriculture, there are 17 ago-processing industries those used outputs of urban agriculture in the city. In this case, it has playing a major role in creating linkage between agriculture and industry. From the total land of the city, 2.65% is also reserved for urban agriculture as the main function of urban Land use activities.

  • Crop Production

The major crops produced in surrounding kebeles of the city cereals such as maize, sorghum, teff, barley, wheat, maize. Moreover, fruit and vegetable are mostly produced in and around the city.

  • Livestock, Poultry and Bee Keeping

The city had a total of 38,895 lives stock’s in 2007. Regarding job creation and income generation this sector has supporting many households in the city. Also this sector is attracting many investors and the city has still a great potential on urban agriculture.

  • Diary Farm

In case of dairy farm, it has been practiced for a long period of time in and around the city. There are around 6 modern dairy farms in the town. It is practiced by individual farmers and some inventors around the city. In addition to that many organizations are investing on it and some ago-processing industries are using the product as input for their production. The major dairy farm products are milk and milk products.

  • Poultry Rearing

There were about 15,583 poultry (12,365 improved breed and local breed 3,218 local breed) in the city in 2007.

  • Irrigation

Urban Irrigation around Bishoftu CityOn the other hand, land under local irrigation is about 397 Hectare and 684 male and 110 female farmers utilized it during the year 2007. From this around 133,690 quintals were produced. The major types of vegetable produced are cabbage, tomato, pepper, red root, onion, potato, and other.