Hora School New BuildingIn Bishoftu city, the development of Education sector has gone due attention from both the government and private sectors. In spite of the fact that the contribution of the development partners and private investor to this sector, the demand for quality education has increased at an alarming rate. The medium of instruction for KGs and primary schools are Afaan Oromo and Amharic in most of them and English language is used in some schools in the city administration. In senior secondary schools English language is used as medium of instruction. However, Afaan oromo and Amharic language are given as additional subjects. Similarly, in tertiary level of education the medium of instruction is English language.

  • Education Facilities available in the city

The existing data indicates that different educational facilities are currently giving service in the city. Both government and private organizations are striving to meet the MDG and the second GTP of the country by improving the quality of education for all. In the city, the provision of educational facilities is within the required diameters especially elementary schools are accessed at a very short distance for students and community as a whole. The participation of private sectors on education service is very high and a significant number of educational institutions in the city are owned by NGOs and private owners.

KINDERGARTEN 1-4 5-8 9-10 11-12
2003 2 40 3 18 11 15 2 7 1 0
2004 2 44 3 19 11 16 2 7 1 0
2005 2 47 4 16 11 21 2 7 1 0
2006 2 55 11 16 13 23 2 8 1 1
2007 3 55 12 19 13 23 2 8 1 1

Quality of education is insured by many indicators. Construction of additional class rooms, assigning qualified man power or teachers with required skills and experience, provision adequate text books, additional educational aids and other related facilities are all important in providing quality education.. Accordingly, the improvements towards assurance of the quality of education in the city has improved from time to time because of outstanding government policy and strategies that has given attention to provide quality education for all citizen. The city administration has given due attention to the expansion of educational facilities to improve quality of education by constructing additional schools, class rooms, providing educational aids, assigning well qualified and experienced teachers at different levels of education.

  • Poly Technical School

Technical and Vocational Education has now changed to the Poly Technique School. In the technological transformation, the poly technique school has a great role by producing work force that can contribute in innovative technology and industrial development. Currently, Bishoftu Poly technique school is playing a great role in the development activities made in the city towards the transformation of the economy. The forward linkage with automotive and locomotive industry and construction industry exist in the city create market for the work force produced by the Bishoftu poly technique school. The school has a dominant role in development endeavor made by the country’s government especially in the achievement of second growth and transformation plan. The information obtained from the college indicate that many fields are being rendered by the poly technique school based on marketable technology, government policy and strategy. The school is currently providing over 24 different fields in level “I-V”.