Welcome to Bishoftu

City of Incredible Lakes. Heart of Oromo Culture 'Irrecha' Oromo Thanks Giving!.

Bishoftu Capital of Oromo Culture!

Annual Irrecha Ceremony Celebrated at Bishoftu's Hora Arsade

Incredible Green Movement

Completely Transformed by the City Green Movement of The City Administration

Hora Arsade Lake

The sacred Lake of Bishoftu where annual Irrecha Ceremony takes place

Road Development

Road Development by the City Administration through active participation of the City residents.

Amazing Greenery

A place for Recreating, Learning, for the residents of the city

Solar Street Lights

Environmentally Friend street lights installed around the City

City Administration Office Building

Brand New Sector Office Building

Welcome to the Official Website of Bishoftu City Administration
City Of Incredible Lakes! Visit, Invest in your Beautiful City

Welcome Message from The Mayor

Bishoftu City MayorDear Visitors, Bishoftu City had made a great progress in terms of improving socio-economic condition of its residents and created a conducive environment for its dwellers by improving life standard of the society through implementing good Governance and improving basic infrastructure. As a Result the city has Become the primary Choice for investors, tourist, scholars and NGO's.

Above All, existence of many lakes in and around the city create glamorous and beautiful view. On the Other hand, "Irecha" - Thanks Giving day is one of the most known traditional celebration of Oromo people held once a year that millions commemorate in the city coming from around the world. These are few of things that make the city unique and so attractive. In addition, due to its nearness to the capital city of the nation and suitable geographical location; Bishoftu city has a great advantage for visiting & Investing in any area.

Hence our City well come those development actors, investors, tourists, researchers who want to know and make impact in the development of our city. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Why Invest In Bishoftu?

Bishoftu City is one of the best cities in East Africa to invest in any type of Investment area want to know more about investment. From industry, Agriculture to tourism Bishoftu is a place to Invest. Read more…

Visit Beautiful Bishoftu

Visit Beautiful Bishoftu. Get away weekends, breathtaking lake views and amazing landscapes. Incredible choice of hotels of any type from luxury to economy class. Why you should visit Bishoftu? Read more…